Twin Pots consists of handmade, high quality, one-of-a-kind ceramic smiling planters, votives, wall art, and more! All items are made with non-toxic and food safe materials.

Sarah Bowen is a ceramicist located in Troy, NY. Her journey began with one large sculpted "grandfather" face that sparked the whole line of work that Twin Pots is known for. Through mostly hand-building, Sarah forms each piece with humor and functionality in mind. Twin Pots exists to bring flare, whimsy, and personality to one's home while capturing a bit of nostalgia in the expression of these many sculpted faces. No two handmade items are alike. Accompany yours with any of her new and always changing ideas. From small decorative mushrooms to unlikely display trays, you never know what you'llĀ  fall in love with by Twin Pots.

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